My experimental Jejemon story “I m d 1 in 10” now at The Future Fire

My experimental SF story “I m d 1 in 10” is now up at The Future Fire (with amazing if a bit disturbing illustrations by Eric Asaris).

This epistolary piece is my homage to Consolatio Philosophiae by Boethius as applied to the modern white collar migrant worker. It’s written partly in SMS speak and a Filipino-English argot called Jejemon. I have always been fascinated by how spelling drifts in orthography, particularly when mediated by new communications technologies.

Although it’s not the easiest thing to read (on many levels) and it’s nothing like my previous story from earlier this month, it’s definitely a story that needs to be told.

Looking at the comments on my Twitter (@victorocampo) I am happy that people liked it.

Dodo Pop

Illustration by  Eric Asaris (@MisfitToyArt)

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