PH SpecFic Books

This is an attempt to list down all explicitly* Speculative Fiction Books that have been published (print or electronic) in the Philippines. As expected, this page will always be under construction.


  1. Alternative Alamat: Stories Inspired by Philippine Mythology – ed: Chikiamco, Paolo – Pub: 2011 – Language: English –  ISBN: 978971994215
  2. The Best of Philippine Speculative Fiction 2005 – 2010 – ed: Alfar, Dean Francis and Alfar, Nikki – Pub 2014 – Language: English – ISBN: 9789719951575
  3. Demons of the New Year: An Anthology of Horror Fiction from the Philippines – eds: de Mesa, Karl R. ; Nacino, Joseph F. – Language: English – ISBN: 9789719640028
  4. Diaspora Ad Astra – eds: Alfar, Dean; Nacino, Joseph F.
  5. Expeditions
  6. The Farthest Shore: An Anthology of Fantasy Fiction from the Philippines – eds. Alfar, Dean Francis; Nacino, Joseph F.
  7. Horror: Filipino Fiction for Young Adults – ed: Alfar, Dean Francis and Yu, Kenneth –
  8. Lauriat: A Filipino-Chinese Speculative Fiction Anthology – ed: Tan, Charles –  pub: Lethe Press 2012 – Language: English – ISBN: 978-1-59021-254-7
  9. The Philippine Speculative Fiction Sampler
  10. Philippine Speculative Fiction Volume 1 – eds: Alfar, Dean Francis;  Alfar, Nikki  – pub: 2005 Kestrel  – Language: English
  11. Philippine Speculative Fiction Volume 2 – ed: Alfar, Dean Francis – pub: 2006 Kestrel – Language: English – ISBN: 978-971-93430-1-1
  12. Philippine Speculative Fiction Volume 3 – eds: Alfar, Dean Francis; Alfar, Nikki – pub: 2007 Kestrel – Language: English – ISBN 978-971-9340-2-8
  13. Philippine Speculative Fiction Volume 4 (ed.)
  14. Philippine Speculative Fiction Volume 5 (ed.)
  15. Philippine Speculative Fiction Volume 6 – eds: Alfar, Nikki ; Osias, Kate Aton –
  16. Philippine Speculative Fiction Volume 7 – eds: Osias, Alexander M. and Osias, Kate Aton –
  17. Philippine Speculative Fiction Volume 8 ed:
  18. Philippine Speculative Fiction Volume 9 – ed: Drillon, Andrew and Tan, Charles –
  19. Ruin and Resolve: Pinoy SF for Charity – ed: Chikiamco, Paolo – pub: 2009 – Language: English
  20. A Time for Dragons: An Anthology of Philippine Draconic Fiction – ed:  Simbulan, Vincent Michael –
  21. The Sea Is Ours: Tales from Steampunk Southeast Asia – eds. Chng, Joyce and Goh. Jaymee
  22. Thursday Never Looking Back: an Anthology for the End of the World – ed: David, Adam – pub: The Youth & Beauty Brigade 2012 (e-book) – Language: English – ASINB00AU21X9A
  23. Usok – ed: Chikiamco, Paolo

Single Author Collections

  1. Alfar, Dean Francis – A Kite of Stars and Other Stories –  pub: 2007 Anvil – Language: English – ISBN: 978-971-27-1923-3 (bp)
  2. Alfar, Dean Francis – How to Traverse Terra Incognita – pub: Visprint  2014 – Language: English – ISBN: 971-945-699-X
  3. Alfar, Nikki – Now, Then and Elsewhen
  4. Alfar – Nikki – Wonderlust
  5. Boquiren, Tomas P. – More Tales from the Barrio (Supernatural & Otherwise) – pub: New Day 1999 – Language: English – ISBN: 971-10–1020-8
  6. Cimafranca, Dominique –
  7. Casocot, Ian Rosales – Heartbreak and Enchantment
  8. Co, Michael – The God Equation and Other Stories – Pub 2010 (e-book) – Language: English – ASIN: B004HKIHZO
  9. Espino, Jose Ma. – Orbit 21 – pub: 1981, Reprinted by Giraffe Press 1999 – Language: English
  10. Francisco, Karen – Naermyth
  11. Tan, Budjette – Tales from the Diabolical (the Trese prose short stories)
  12. Tan, Yvette – Waking the Dead
  13. Victoria, Eliza – A Bottle of Storm Clouds
  14. Victoria, Eliza – Lower Myths
  15. Yu, Kenneth – Mouths to Speak, Voices to Sing

Novels and Chapbooks

  1. Alfar, Dean Francis – Salamanca
  2. Añozo, Jose E.C – Project Pawaii – Pub: New Day 1995 – Language: English
  3. Espino, Jose Ma. – Into the White Hole – Cellar Books 1986 – Language: English
  4. Hontiveros, David – Seroks
  5. Hontiveros, David – Seroks 2
  6. Caravana, Nemesia E. – Ang Puso ni Matilda – Pub 1959 Aliwan Publishing House – Language: Filipino
  7. Cornelio, Mateo Cruz – Doktor Satan – Pub 1945 Palimbagang Tagumpa – Language: Filipino
  8. Del Mundo,  Clodualdo – Tuko sa Madre Kakaw – Pub 1958 Hiwaga – Language: Filipino
  9. Del Mundo,  Clodualdo – Salamankero – Language: Filipino
  10. Salgado, Arnel M. – Kidnapped by the Gods – Pub Royal Press 1995 – Language: English
  11. Samar, Edgar Calabia – Si Janus Silang at ang Tiyanak ng Tabon – Language: Filipino – ISBN: 978-971-508-474-1
  12. Victoria, Eliza – Dwellers
  13. Victoria, Eliza – Project 17
  14. Victoria, Eliza – The Viewless Dark

*This means that the book/collection is made entirely out of Speculative Fiction stories or it is the intent of the author/editor to classify it that way. Admittedly this is not a satisfactory definition and I welcome suggestions regarding this matter.

14 thoughts on “PH SpecFic Books”

  1. Good start! Here are others that I know:

    Tales of Enchantment and Fantasy
    Demons of the New Year
    Waking the Dead (Yvette’s solo collection)
    Heartbreak and Enchantment (Ian’s solo collection)
    Tales from the Diabolical (the Trese prose short stories)
    Project 17
    (Also I think Eliza has a digital only solo collection?)
    David Hontiveros’s novels — there are a lot, Seroks 2 is the most recent.
    Janus Silang
    Pinoy Amazing Adventures

    There are also a lot of paranormal romance novels coming out now from the Wattpad-focused imprints. I think Flipside has also published a few digital-only spec novels.

    I’m sure there’s a lot of self-published stuff out there too that I just haven’t seen,

  2. And my addition too:
    José Ma. Espino: Orbit 21 (collection),
    José Ma Espino: Into the White Hole (young adult novella)

    I would advise to add a minimal bibliographic references to each book /place of publication, publisher, year of publication/.
    And if added a very basic description, such as …. novel about travel to Alpha Centauri… it would be a great tool.

  3. Do you know of at least two Filipino short stories with different authors from the 19th to the 20th century that have the same plot?

  4. Two YA novellas in tagalog:
    J. C. Quin: My Hot Alien Boyfriend
    Viva Psicom Publishing Corp. 2014
    Summer Plasencia: Programmed Girlfriend. The same publisher 2015
    and at least one sf is also in Espino, Jose Ma.: Heart, O Heart! QC: New Day Publishers 1988

  5. Hi Victor! Wondering if you have any suggestions for dystopian works written by Filipino authors? Thank you so much!

    1. Hello March, I’ve been really busy so apologies for seeing this only now. At least a third of Filipino Science Fiction short stories in English are set in some kind of Dystopia. Some good examples include “An Introduction to the Luminescent” by J. Pocholo Martin Goitia in Philippine Speculative Fiction Volume 1 and my story “I M D 1 In 10” which you can read here –

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