SEA writers – Indonesia

A Guide to Southeast Asian Authors of the Fantastic:

The following is a non-comprehensive list of authors in or from Indonesia.

This page will forever be under construction.


  1.  Alkadri, Ahmad  – YA Speculative fiction novelist, writes in Bahasa Indonesia (Bots: We Will Not Be) – Blog
  2. Chang, Andry – YA Fantasy novelist (Fireheart) and short story author (“Monkey Mask” in Magical Stories Antologi Fantasi,  Sword & Axe, Fantasy Fiesta 2011 and Reog in Fantasy Fiesta 2010, an anthology of Fantasy stories by Indonesian authors), writes mostly in Bahasa Indonesia
  3. Chusfani, Poppy D. – YA Fantasy novelist (Nocturnal, The Bookaholic Club, Mirror, Mirror on the Wall) and translator (e.g. several Jonathan Stroud books such as The Amulet of SamarkandThe Golem’s Eye and  Ptolemy’s Gate), as well as short story writer (Fantasy stories collected in the book Orang-Orang Tanah)writes in Bahasa Indonesia – Blog
  4. Dewi Putri Kirana, – Fantasy short story author (“Opium Script” in Fantasy Fiesta 2010, this story won 1st place in the 2010 Fantasy Fiesta competition, “Selera Ganesha” in Fantasy Fiesta 2010), writes in Bahasa Indonesia
  5. Djoko, Stephen Lelono – Pioneering Indonesian Science Fiction and Fantasy novelist (Space Explorers Series: Penjelajah Antariksa, Falling Into the Sun, Black Star, Moon Child: Anak Rembulan), short story writer, children’s book author and translator (Ramayana), writes in Bahasa Indonesia 
  6. Jane, Ally – YA Fantasy novelist (I am a Witch), writes in Bahasa Indonesia
  7. Fachrul R.U.N.– short story writer, contributor to the Vandaria Saga (Hailstorm)
  8. Palar, Tyas – Fantasy novelist (The Search for Merlin Saga), translator (writing under her real name of Damaring Tyas Wulandari) and short story author, writes in Bahasa Indonesia and in English – Blog
  9. Pramoedya Ananta Toer – Multi-award winning Novelist (“The King, the Witch, and the Priest: A Twelfth Century Javanese Tale) and short story author (some stories from Tales from Djakarta are magic realism/fantasy), writes in Bahasa Indonesia but widely translated in many languages
  10. Shi, Eve – YA Speculative fiction novelist (“Aku Tahu Kamu Hantu“, “Lost“) and short story writer (“Huixin Sees a Ghost“, “The Fugitive“, “Once Upon a Bridge“,”Defying Gravity and Other Daily Grievances“, Sabtu, 4 April), writes in both Bahasa Indonesia and English – Blog
  11. Tambunan, Bonmedo – Fantasy novelist (Xar & Vichattan), writes in Bahasa Indonesia – Interview
  12. Villam, R.D. – Speculative fiction novelist (Somniterra, Akkadia: Tigris River Gate, Anak-Anak Dunia Mangkuk) and short story author (“Solar Sylvania” in Fantasy Fiesta 2010), writes mostly in Bahasa Indonesia – Blog
  13. Yayu, Nella Dwigusni – short story fantasy writer “(Aku, Abhar dan Misteri Bunuh-membunuh” in in Magical Stories Antologi Fantasi), writes in Bahasa Indonesia

The Writers of the Vandaria Wars Saga – These are Fantasy books (novels, novellas and short stories) written in Bahasa Indonesia set in the universe of the popular Indonesian Card Game Vandaria Wars:

  1. Anggari Purnama Dewi – Arassi
  2. Anggra, Feby – Arassi
  3. Anggie Daniear,  Alfian – Arassi
  4. Ardani Persada Subagio – Sang Penantang Takdir (The Challenger’s Destiny), Ratu Seribu Tahun (Queen of a Thousand years)
  5. Chen Chen – Arassi
  6. DeeChen, Alexia – Arassi,  Kristalisasi (Crystallization)
  7. Ginanjar Teguh Iman – Arassi
  8. Gumulia, Hans J. – The Elir Trilogy
  9. Icha Azania – Arassi
  10. Nastiti, Denny – Arassi
  11. Nurahayu, Sani – Arassi
  12. Oscario, Angela – Arassi
  13. Pratama Wirya Atmaja – Harta Vaeran (The Vaeran Treasure), Kristalisasi (Crystallization)
  14. Roedavan, Rickman – Arassi
  15. Rynaldo Cahyana HadiTabir Nalar (The Veil of Reason)
  16. Shalamar, Fay – Arassi
  17. Shine, Cyrus – Arassi
  18. Shinji Aoi – Arassi
  19. Tumimomor, Ria – Arassi
  20. Tandra, Susanti – Arassi

Artwork above by Jon Jaylo from the book “Here be Dragons

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