Art by Jon Jaylo

SEA writers – Singapore

A Guide to Southeast Asian Authors of the Fantastic:

The following is a non-comprehensive list of authors in or from Indonesia.

This page will forever be under construction.


  1. Abu Samah – – Co-editor of the Steampunk Anthology  “The Steampowered Globe
  2. Alexandra, Joelyn –  Zine editor and Urban Speculative Fiction Short Story writer (“Unwanted Utopia I” in The Ayam Curtain)
  3. Ang, Andrea –  Speculative Fiction Short Story writer (“Vernacular” in The Ayam Curtain)
  4. Ang, Carrick – Speculative Fiction Short Story writer (“Waiting for the Snow” in Fish Eats Lion and “They Come from Faraway Places” in The Ayam Curtain)
  5. Ang, Ivan – Speculative Fiction short story writer (” The Digits” in Fish Eats Lion)
  6. Ang, Sarah – Short story writer (“Why I Hate Selkie Stories” in Litro Magazine)
  7. Ang, Si Min – Speculative Poet and Short story writer (“World-hopping on Wings”)
  8. Brink, Anders – Science Fiction novelist (Waterborn Trial, Waterborn Triumph) and Short Story Author (“Sparrows Over Trees” in The Ayam Curtain, , ““Hard Port, Easy Money” and other collected stories in Sufficiently Advanced)
  9. Bryant, Shelley – Singapore and Shanghai-based Speculative Poet, Translator, Editor and Short story author (“Rewrites” in Fish Eats Lion, “Sila” in QLRS)
  10. Cai Lixian – Speculative Fiction Short Story writers (“Singapore Rock” in The Ayam Curtain)
  11. The Centipede Collective – Speculative Fiction Short Story writers (“Chapter 28: Energy” in Fish Eats Lion)
  12. Chan, L (Chan, Leon) – Speculative Fiction Short Story writer (“The Sound of His Voice Like the Colour of Salt” in The Dark, “They Symphony of Park Myong Lee” in Liminal Stories)
  13. Cheah, Andrew – Speculative Fiction Short story writer (“The Moon and the Stars” in Fish Eats Lion)
  14. Chellam, Raju – Science Fiction novelist (2084)
  15. Cheong, Claire – Speculative Fiction Short story writer (“No, They Dream Of Mechanical Hearts” in The Steampowered Globe)
  16. Choo, Geraldine – Speculative Fiction Short story writer (“The Heart of the Rain Tree” in The Ayam Curtain)
  17. Chow, Clara – Short Story author (collection – Dream Storeys; Want Less in The Stockholm Review of Literature)
  18. Chua, Dave – Award-winning Novelist, Comic Book writer and Short Story author
  19. Chua, Douglas – Novelist, author of Crisis in the Straights, a thriller with SF elements
  20. Chua, Terrence – Zine Editor (Tesseract, Singapore’s fist SFF Magazine), Short story writer (“Starlight…“, “The Golem“, short story collection “Nightmare Factory” ) and pioneering member of the Singapore Science Fiction Society.
  21. Chua, Viki – – Speculative Fiction Short Story Writer (“Morrow’s Knight” in The Steampowered Globe)
  22. Damask, J. (Chng, Joyce) – Author of Speculative Fiction and Young Adult novels (The Jan Xu Series – an Urban Fantasy set in Singapore Featuring Chinese Werewolves, The Rider Trilogy – a SF YA series), Writer of Speculative Fiction Short Stories (“A Matter of Possession” in Crossed Genres, “The Sound of Breaking Glass” in The Apex Book of World SF Vol II, “Eagle Feathers” in The World SF Blog, “Moon Maiden’s Mirror” in  Semaphore Magazine Quarterly and “The Birth of a Child” in Luna Station Quarterly ), and Flash Fiction, as well as editor (co-edited with J.Y. Yang The Ayam Curtain,  co-edited with Jaymee Goh The Sea is Ours: Tales of Steampunk Southeast Asia) )- Blog, Wattpad, Web Serials (Oysters, Pearls and Magic)
  23. Deroose, Nicholas – Speculative Fiction Short story writer (“Dayuhans” in The Ayam Curtain)
  24. Gresham, Jon – short story writer (some stories in his debut collection We Rose Up Slowly have Speculative Fiction elements)
  25. Gurung, Liana – Speculative Fiction Short story writer (“The Goldfish Bowl” in The Ayam Curtain)
  26. Gwee Li Sui – Poet, Writer and Graphic Novelist (“The Myth of the Stone”)
  27. Ho, Joses – Poet and Short story writer (“Her Name Was Jane” in The Ayam Curtain)
  28. Ho, Lucas – Short story writer (“KY USB” in The Ayam Curtain)
  29. Ho, Terry – Novelist, author of  Crown of Earth’s Desire (The Forbidden Hill Chronicles) – Facebook Page
  30. Huang, Judith – Novelist (Sofia and the Utopia Machine), Poet and Short story writer (“The City” in The Ayam Curtain)
  31. Jie, Jonathan – Speculative Fiction Short Story Writer (“By Wing and Talon” in The Ayam Curtain)
  32. Kamari, Isa – Singapore Cultural Medallion Award winning Novelist, Screenwriter  and Short story author (“Green Man Plus” in Fish Eats Lion)
  33. Kang, Geraldine – Short story writer (“Two Frames in Between” in The Ayam Curtain)
  34. Kang, Mint – SF Short Story Writer (“The Wedding Runner” on Expanded Horizons, “How the Morning Glory Grows” in The Steampowered Globe, and the novella “The Cousin from Dar Tower“) Blog
  35. Karunungan, Patricia – Editor (This is How you Walk on the Moon: An Anthology of Anti-realist Fiction with Samuel Caleb Wee and Wong Weng Pu)
  36. Ker, Justin – Flash Fiction and Short story writer (“010011010100010101001101010011110101001001011001” in Fish Eats Lion)
  37. Koe, Amanda Lee – Award winning novelist, Short story writer and Editor (Eastern Heathens with Ng Yi-Sheng)
  38. Kraković, Grace Chia – Award winning Poet and Short story writer (“Dewy” in Fish Eats Lion)
  39. Kwan, Ivan – Speculative Fiction Short story writer (“Tuan Garuda” in The Ayam Curtain)
  40. Lee, Wei Fen – Award winning Editor (Ceriph), Poet and Short story writer (“Welcome to the Pond” in Fish Eats Lion)
  41. Leow Hui Min Annabeth – Speculative Fiction Short story writer (“Ascension” in The Steampowered Globe)
  42. Lim, Catherine – Award winning Poet, Novelist and Short Story Author (some of her early works contain Speculative Fiction elements)
  43. Lim, Jeffrey – Short Story writer (“Last Supper” in Fish Eats Lion)
  44. Lim, Ming Jie – Short story writer (“Jumping Ship” in The Ayam Curtain)
  45. Lim, Rosemary – Co-editor of the Steampunk Anthology  “The Steampowered Globe” and short story author
  46. Lundberg, Jason Erik – Editor (Fish Eats Lion, founding editor or Lontar: The Journal of Southeast Asian Speculative Fiction);  Short story writer (“The Time Traveler’s Son“, collections Red Dot Irreal, The Alchemy of Happiness and Strange Mammals)
  47. May, Han – Science Fiction Novelist (Star Sapphire) – a young Asian scientist joins the crew of an intergalactic star ship in the 23rd century.
  48. Melwani, Manish – Speculative Fiction Short Story writer (“Sejarah Larangan; or, The Forbidden History of Old Singapura” in Lontar Volume 10, “The Tigers of Bengal”, Lontar Volume 7), Clarion graduate
  49. Modder, Ralph P. – Journalist, Screen Writer and Author who also writes about Singaporean Myths, Legends and the Supernatural (“Curse of the Pontianak“, “Myths and Legends of Malaysia and Singapore” with co-author Aeishah Ahmed) and more pulpy fare (The Benny Wong books by Benny and Alice Wong, ed. by Ralph Modder such as The Boy Who Talks To Ghosts and A Getai Singer’s Love Affair With A Ghost)
  50. Moo, Z.Y. – Horror novelist (The Weird Diary of Walter Woo)
  51. Neo, Eleanor – Short story writer (“The Heartland” in The Ayam Curtain)
  52. Ng Kum Hoon – Speculative Fiction Short Story writer (“Help! Same Angler Fish’s Been Gawking for Eight Minutes!” in The Steampowered Globe)
  53. Ng, Yi-Sheng – Award winning Poet, Playwright, Editor (Eastern Heathens with Amande Lee Koe)and Short Story author (“Agnes Joaquim, Bioterrorist” in Fish Eats Lion, short story collection Lion City)
  54. Ni Qiu Rui, Vanessa – Speculative Fiction Short Story Writer (“Tales from the Lonely Tree” in The Ayam Curtain)
  55. Norasid, Nuraliah – Author of The Gatekeeper, winner of the 2016 Epigram Books Fiction Prize.
  56. Othman Wok (Tuan Haji Othman Bin Wok) – Horror and Supernatural Short story writer  (His short story collections in English include Malayan Horror: Macabre Tales of Singapore and Malaysia in the 50s, Tales of Horror and Mystery: More Macabre Tales from Singapore, Malaya and Indonesia, The Disused Well: And Other Tales of Horror & Mystery and Unseen Occupants and Other Chilling Tales . He also has two collections written in Bahasa Melayu:  Cerita-cerita Seram or “Spooky Stories” and Kisah-kisah Seram & Misteri or “Spooky Tales & Mysteries“)
  57.  Pang, Alvin – Award winning Editor, Poet and Short story writer (“A Better Place” in The Ayam Curtain)
  58. Poh-Knight, Lisa (based in Canada) – short story writer
  59. Ree, Wayne – Comic Book writer (Mr. Memphis with Benjamin Chee), Children’s Book author (Yellow Princess series) and Short Story writer (“Satay” in Lontar Volume 10)
  60. Salleh, Lina – Speculative Fiction Short story writer (“Artifact #1N-327 in The Ayam Curtain)
  61. Slater, Ben – Screenwriter and Short Short story writer (“Punggol” in Fish Eats Lion)
  62. Sng, Christina – Speculative Fiction and Horror Poet ( A Collection of Nightmares) and Short story writer (“The Closed Window” in Fantastic Stories of the Imagination)
  63. Suratman, Yasser – Speculative Fiction Short story writer (“Coming Home” and “Tiong 2040” in The Ayam Curtain)
  64. Tan, Cherie – Speculative Fiction writer (“The Gilded Cage” in The Ayam Curtain)
  65. Tan, Michelle – Speculative Fiction writer (“Garisan Kuning” in The Ayam Curtain)
  66. Tan, Ming Tuan – Speculative Fiction Short story writer (“Open” in Fish Eats Lion)
  67. Tan, Patricia Maria – Science Fiction novelist (Children of the Next Lap)
  68. Teo, Gwyneth – Speculative Fiction writer (“Battery” in The Ayam Curtain)
  69. Tham Cheng-E, – Speculative Fiction novelist (Surrogate Protocol, which was a finalist for the 2016 Epigram Books Fiction Prize)
  70. Tse Hao Guang – Speculative Fiction writer (“Salt” in The Ayam Curtain)
  71. Wee, Samuel Caleb – Poet and Editor (This is How you Walk on the Moon: An Anthology of Anti-realist Fiction with Patricia Karunungan and Wong Weng Pu)
  72. Winters, Topaz – Poet (longlisted for the Pushcart Award), essayist and Short story writer (Short story “Flight” in Lontar Volume 10).
  73. Wong, Cyril – Award winning Poet and Short Story author (“Zero Hour” in Fish Eats Lion, “The Bodhisattva Makes Her Case” in Lontar Volume 10)
  74. Wong, Kevin Martens – author of Altered Straits which was long-listed for the 2015 Epigram Books Fiction Prize based on his short story “A Merlion for His Majesty” (Lontar Volume 10)
  75. Wong, Weng Pu –  Editor (This is How you Walk on the Moon: An Anthology of Anti-realist Fiction with Patricia Karunungan and Samuel Caleb Wee)
  76. Xie Shi Min -Speculative Fiction Short story writer (“Incubation” in The Ayam Curtain)
  77. Yam, Daryl – Speculative Fiction Short story writer (“Apocalypse Approaches” in Fish Eats Lion)
  78. Yam, Jerrold – Poet and Short story writer (“Speaking Bird Language” in The Ayam Curtain)
  79. Yang, J.Y. – Speculative Fiction Novelist and Short Story writer (“Captain Bells and the Sovereign State of Discordia” in The Steampowered Globe, “Song of the Krakenmaid” in Lackington’s,  “Storytelling for the Night Clerk” in Strange Horizons, “A Sister’s Weight In Stone” in Apex ,”Secondhand Bodies” in Lightspeed) and Editor (The Ayam Curtain). Her excellent novellas include the Tensorate series The Black Tides of Heaven and The Red Threads of Fortune. Here is an excellent review on Locus.
  80. Ye, Stephanie – Editor and Short Story writer (“The Story of the Kiss” in Fish Eats Lion)
  81. Yeo Zhe Xuan Clara – Short Story writer (“Woodwind” in The Ayam Curtain)
  82. Yeo, Zed – Flash Fiction, Fantasy/Weird Fiction Short Story Writer (“Eu Jinn“, “Guardian of the Clock“). Works collected in “Unapologetically Insane TalesReview  Interview  Blog Also authored the YA book Half Ghost
  83. Yong, Nicholas – Speculative Fiction Novelist (Land of the Meat Munchers) and Short Story writer (Track Faults and Other Glitches: Stories of the impossible in Singapore)
  84. Yuen, Kit Mun – Speculative Fiction Short Story writer (“Feng Shui Train” from Fish Eats Lion)
  85. Yuen, Xiang Hao – – Speculative Fiction Short Story Writer (“Colours” in The Steampowered Globe and “Halcyon Days” in The Ayam Curtain)

Artwork above by Jon Jaylo from the book “Here be Dragons

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