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SEA writers – Philippines

A Guide to Southeast Asian Authors of the Fantastic:

The following is a non-comprehensive list of authors in or from the Philippines.

This page will forever be under construction.


  1. Abad, Anne Carly – Push-Cart Award nominated Poet (“The First Stone” in Apex Magazine, “Rehearsal for When He Wakes” in Strange Horizons and Speculative Fiction Writer (“Urban Phantoms” in Expanded HorizonsBlog
  2. Abubakar, Pearlsha – Short story writer (“Espiritu Santos”, Future Fiction Palanca Award in English)
  3. Aguirre, Alwin – Editor, Short story writer (mostly in Filipino) ““Desaparecidos” (“The Disappeared”) Interview
  4. Alfar, Dean Francis – Award winning playwright, novelist (Salamanca, 2005 Palanca for Best Novel, Review), short story writer (Collections: The Kite of Stars and Other Stories, How to Traverse Terra Incongnita, A Field Guide to the Roads of Manila; short stories – “L’Aquilone du Estrellas” in Strange Horizons, “Simon’s Replica” in Apex Magazine, “Terminós” in Anna Tambour Presents, “Six from Downtown” from the PSF Sampler, Podcast), comic book (“Siglo: Passion: A Grafiction Anthology“) and children’s fiction author (“How Rosang Taba Won a Race“), as well as the founder/editor of the landmark the Philippine Speculative Fiction Series and editor or co-editor of many other books (Diaspora Ad Astra: Anthology of Science Fiction in the PhilippinesHorror: Filipino Fiction for Young Adults, The Farthest Shore: An Anthology of Fantasy Fiction from the Philippines). Winner of 10 Palanca Awards. Blog, Interview
  5. Alfar, Nikki – Editor  (co-founder and co-editor of many volumes of the Philippine Speculative Fiction Series,  PSF Sampler),  Award-winning short story writer (Collection: Now Then and Elsewhen, Wonderlust ; short stories “The Mechanism of Moving Forward“, “Lola Ging and the Crispa Redmanizers“, “When We Were Witches” in Outpouring: Typhoon Yolanda Relief Anthology), children’s literature author (“Menggay’s Magical Chicken” the 2005 Palanca Award for Children’s Literature in English), Comic book writer and Playwright  Blog, Interview
  6. Anyong, Jay Steven – Short story writer (“The Cowards Quest” in PSF 1, “Lament of the Counselor” in PSF 6)
  7. Arcega, M.R.R. –  Short story writer (“The Singer’s Man” in PSF 3 and PSF Sampler)
  8. Batacan, F. H. – Novelist and Short story writer (“Keeping Time” in PSF 3)
  9. Ballesteros, Kyra – Short story writer (“Retokado” from Philippine Genre Stories)
  10. Benosa, Pia Vibar – Short story writer
  11. Boquiren, Tomas P. – Short story writer (“Juan Tamad and the Little People”, “The Presence” in More Tales from the Barrio)
  12. Brainard, Cecelia Manguerra (based in the US) – Award-winning Editor, Novelist (When the Rainbow Goddess Wept, Magdalena) and Short story author who frequently uses Magic Realism and incorporates folklore in her works (collections: Woman With Horns and Other Stories, Vigan and Other Stories) Blog
  13. Brilliantes, Gregorio C. – Award winning Short story writer (“Apollo Centennial” in The Apollo Centennial: Nostalgias, Predicaments & Celebrations)
  14. Bueno, Jose Elvin – Short story writer (“All We Need is Five Meals a Day” in PSF 3)
  15. Cailas, Joanna Paula L. – Short story writer (“Hamog” in PSF 3)
  16. Caliente, Tyrone – Short story writer (“The Doppler Effect” in PSF 1, “Dark Moving Houses” in Demons of the New Year)
  17. )
  18. Candano, Douglas L. – Short story writer (“The Life and Death of Hermes Uy” in PSF 1, “The Way of Those who Stayed Behind” in Lauriat, “Dreaming Valhalla” in the PSF Sampler)
  19. Carroll-Bradd, Shenoa –  Short story writer (“Lola’s Lessons” in  Amok: An Anthology of Asia-Pacific Speculative Fiction)
  20. Casocot, Ian Rosales – Multi-award winning Novelist and Short story author (“A Strange Map of Time” in Expeditions, “The Pepe Report” in PSF 1, “The Flicker” in PSF 3, “The Sugilanon of Epefania’s Heartbreak” in PSF Sampler)
  21. Chua, Johannes – Short story writer (mostly in Filipino) “Kailangan” (“Needed” or “Required))
  22. Chen, Karissa (based in the US) – Outpouring: A Typhoon Yolanda Anthology
  23. Chikiamco, Paolo – Editor (Usok, Alternative Alamat), Comic Book Writer/Publisher (Studio Salimbal, Mythspace) and short story author (“Carbon” in PSF 5, “On Wooden Wings” in PSF 6, “The Captain’s Nephew” in Lauriat) and Blogger (Rocket Kapre). Interview
  24. Chupeco, Eric – Short story writer (“Ho-We” in Lauriat)
  25. Chupeco, Rin – YA Novelist (“The Girl from the Well“, “The Suffering“) Blog
  26. Cimafranca, Dominique Gerald M. – Short story writer (“Facester” in PSF 3, “Rite of Passage” in Alternative Alamat) Blog, Interview
  27. Co, Michael A. E. – Short Story Writer (“The God Equation”, in Expeditions, 1st place winner in the 2006 Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards)
  28. Concepcion, Francis Gabriel – Short story writer
  29. Cordero-Fernando, Gilda Award winning Publisher, Short Story Author and Children’s Book Writer (The Magic Circle)
  30. Cornelio, Mateo Cruz – Novelist in English and Filipino. His novel “Doktor Satan” from 1945 may be the Philippine’s first Science Fiction Novel. The story is about a Dr. Alberto Estrella who tries to cure his mother from a serious illness with a drug that can bring the dead back to life.
  31. Corpuz, John Philip – Short story writer
  32. Cruz, Paolo Jose – Short story writer (“First of the Gang to Die” in PSF 3)
  33. Cruz, Ronald – Short story writer (“A League of Champions” in PSF 3)
  34. Cruz, Vida – Short story Fantasy writer (“A Cha-cha with Insanity” on PSF 9, “To Megan, with Half My Heart” on Expanded Horizons, “Song of the Mango” from Lontar Volume 10), Clarion Graduate and first place winner of the Writers of the 34th Future Contest.
  35. David, Adam – Publisher, Editor (Thursday Never Looking Back: an Anthology for the End of the World), Comic Book author and Short story writer (“From Abecediarya” in PSF 3)
  36. De Jesus III, George – Short story writer (mostly in Filipino) “Cell Phone”
  37. De Jesus, Noelle (based in Singapore) – Editor (Fast Food Fiction), Translator and Palanca-Award winning short story writer (“Mirage” in Fish Eats Lion)
  38. De La Cruz, Khavn – Film maker, Poet and Short story writer “Ang Pamilyang Kumakain ng Lupa” (“The Family That Eats Soil” in PSF Sampler) Ang Pamilyang Kumakain ng Lupa (short film)
  39. De Leon, Marguerite Alcazaren de Leon (“Frozen Delight” in PSF 3, “K-10 Mushroom” in Demons of the New Year)
  40. De Mesa, Karl R. – Editor, Fantasy and Horror Novelist
  41. Del Rosario, Kat – Short story writer (PSF 9)
  42. Dela Merced, Franz Johann – Short story writer (PSF 9)
  43. Despi, Arlynn – Short story writer
  44. Dimacali, Timothy James – Short story writer (“Sky Gypsies” in PSF 3, also as a comic book with JohnRay Bumanglag on Kwentillion Magazine, “Keeper of my Sky” in Alternative Alamat) Blog, Interview
  45. Drilon, Andrew – Editor, Comic Book writer/illustrator, Short story author (“Peekli” in PSF 3, “A Game of Quam” on PSF 5, “Freeborn in the City of Fallacies” in Outpouring: Yolanda)
  46. Dy, Philbert Ortiz Dy – Short story writer (“The Great Philippine Space Mission”, Future Fiction Palanca Award in English)
  47. Escaño, Cesar Miguel G. – Short story author
  48. Elicaño, E.J. –  Short story author (“Cogito” on PSF 9)
  49. Espino, Jose Ma. – Children’s book/YA author (Into the White Hole), Short story writer (collection: Orbit 21: Twenty-one Stories of Fantasy & Science Fiction)
  50. Falgui, Raymond G. (“The Datu’s Daughters” in PSF 3, “A New Hospital” in PSF 5, “The Hunger Houses” in Innsmouth Free Press Vol 4)
  51. Familara, Aileen – Short story writer (“Embedding” in PSF 5)
  52. Flores, Emil M. – Short story author
  53. Francisco, Karen – Novelist (Naermyth)
  54. Francisco, Monique – Short story writer (“The Day That Frances, The Copywriter, Became God” in PSF 3)
  55. Fres-Felix, Maria L.M. – Novelist, editor and short story writer (“Past Forward” Futuristic Fiction-English Category, 2001)
  56. Gabot, Adel – Short story writer (“The Field“, Future Fiction Palanca Award in English)
  57. Galve, Sharmaine – Short story writer (“The Paranoid Style” in PSF 3)
  58. Go, Michael A. R. – Short story writer (“The God Equation” in PSF Sampler, Expeditions)
  59. Goitia, J. Pocholo Martin – Short story writer (“An Introduction to the Luminescent” in PSF 1, “The Dues to the Unbound” in PSF sampler)
  60. Gomez, Michael Aaron – Short story author (PSF 9)
  61. Gonzales, Erica K. – Short story author (“Haya Makes A HUG” in PSF 3)
  62. Gourlay, Candy (Based in the United Kingdom) – Novelist and Children’s book author (Tall Trees – shortlisted for the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize, the Branford Boase Award, the Blue Peter Book Award, the UKLA Children’s Book Prize and nominated for the Carnegie Medal;  Shine –  winner of the 2014 Crystal Kite Award and longlisted for the Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize.
  63. Guillermo, Kawika (Based in Indonesia) – Speculative Fiction Writer (“No Name Islands” in  Amok: An Anthology of Asia-Pacific Speculative Fiction, “The Last of Its Kind” in Mothership: Tales from Afrofuturism and Beyond, “How Prejudiced” in Litro Magazine, “Leaving the Womb” in Hawai’i Pacific Review) Blog Interview
  64. Gutierrez, Asterio Enrico N. – Poet and Short story writer (“The Big Man” in PSF 6 won the 2011 Palanca Award for Short Story in English) Review, Blog
  65. Hinlo, Alessa – Novelist based in the US and Short story writer (“The Last Aswang” in The Sea is Ours)
  66. Hontiveros, David –  Novelist (Seroks Iteration1: Mirror Man, Seroks Iteration 2: Once in a Lifetime, ParmanCraving, Takod), Comic Book writer and Short Story author (“Kaming mga Seroks” or “We the Xeroxed”, Palanca Award Winner for Future Fiction in Filipino) Interview
  67. Ilano, Arturo – Short Story writer ( “A Monumental Race”, Palanca Award,  for Futuristic Fiction)
  68. Javier, Carljoe – Short Story writer (“Dino’s Awesome Adventure” in PSF 3, “Demon Gaga” in Demons of the New Year)
  69. Joaquin, Nick – Nicomedes Márquez Joaquín (May 4, 1917 – April 29, 2004) was an Award-winning Filipino writer, historian and journalist, best known for his short stories and novels in the English language. He also wrote using the pen name Quijano de Manila. Joaquin was conferred the rank and title of National Artist of the Philippines for Literature. many of his works have the flavor of Magic Realism (“May Day’s Eve“, “Doña Jeronima” and “Candido’s Apocalypse”), “The Bells of St. Sebastian” is a hard-to classify work bordering on Biblical Speculative Fiction.
  70. Jaucian, Don – Short story writer (“The Different Degrees of Night” in Demons of the New Year)
  71. Karunungan, Patricia (Based in Singapore) – Editor (This Is How We Walk On The Moon with co-editors Samuel Caleb Wee, and Wong Wen Pu) and Short Story Writer ( “Agatha” in Lontar Volume 10)
  72. Katigbak, Luis Joaquinc- Short story writer  (“Subterrania” First Prize, Future Fiction in English; “Visitors” in PSF 3)
  73. Kawsek, Margaret – Short story writer (“The Tiger Lady” in Lauriat)
  74. Koo, Crystal Gail Shangkuan (based in Hong Kong) – Short story writer (“The Rooftops of Manila” in PSF 3, “The Perpetual Day” in Lauriat, “Waiting with Mortals” in Apex Book of World SF 3)
  75. Kwe, Francezca C. – Short story writer (“Lovelore” in PSF1, “A Ghost Story” in PSF Sampler)
  76. Lacuesta, Angelo – Editor, Short story writer (“New Wave Days” in PSF1, “Reclamation” in PSF 3)
  77. Lao, Christine V. – Poet, Short story author (“What the Body Remembers” from PSF 3, “A Girl’s Guide to Love in the Big City” from Philippine Genre Stories, “The Creature” in PSF 5, “From the Book of Names My Mother Did Not Give Me” in PSF 6 and Expanded Horizons, “Dimsum,” in Lauriat: An Anthology of Filipino Chinese Speculative Fiction, Short story collection Musical Chairs) Blog
  78. Lagamayo, Anne – Short story writer (“Hopscotch” in PSF 3)
  79. Lee, Gabriela – Editor, Short story writer (“Instructions on how to Disappear” in PSF 1, “The Nameless Ones” in Outpouring:Yolanda, “The Offering” in Lontar Volume 10)
  80. Lejano-Massebieua, Apol (based in France) –  (“Pedro Diyego’s Homecoming” in PSF 3)
  81. Loenen-Ruiz, Rochita (based in the Netherlands) – British Science Fiction Association Award-nominated Short story writer (“Hi Bugan ya Hi Kinggawan” in Fantasy Magazine, ““Breaking the Spell” in PSF 3, “Of the Liwat’ang Yawa, the Litok-litok and their Prey” in Weird Fiction Review, “Of Alternate Adventures and Memory” in Clarkesworld,  “The Song of the Body Cartographer” in Philippine Genre Stories, “Dancing in the Shadow of the Once” in The Mammoth Book of SF by Women) – Blog, Book blog
  82. Lorenzo, Isa – Short Story author
  83. Magno, Leo – Short Story writer (“Press Release” in PSF 3)
  84. Manalastas, Karen Katrina G. – Short story writer (“Treasure Islands“, First Prize, 55th Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature Contest, Futuristic Fiction-English Category, 2005)
  85. Mandigma, Kristin – Editor, Short story writer (“The Catalogue of the Damned” in PSF 1, “Excerpt from a Letter by a Social-realist Aswang” in Clarkesworld 13)
  86. Moll, Maryanne – Short story writer (“Breathing Space” in PSF 3)
  87. Montecillo, Joseph – Short story writer (“The Nature of Apocalypse” in PSF7,
  88. Montes, Timothy R. – Short story writer (“Turtle Season”, Palanca Award for Future Fiction in English)
  89. Montes, Veronica (based in the US) – Short story writer (“The Photograph” from Outpouring: Yolanda)
  90. Muslim, Kristin Ong  – Speculative Poet and Short story writer (“The Chinese Zodiac” in Lauriat, “Pet” in PSF 7)
  91. Nacino, Joseph Frederic F. – Editor (Diaspora Ad Astra) , Short story author (“Brigada” in PSF 3)
  92. Ocampo, Pia Roxas – Short story writer (“Last Bus Ride”, 2005 Palanca Award for Futuristic Fiction)
  93. Orendain, Pauline – Short story writer (“Room 3” in PSF 1)
  94. Ortuoste, Jenny – Short story writer (PSF 9)
  95. Osias, Alexander Marcos – Editor (PSF 7), Short story writer (“The Death and Rebirth of Nathaniel Alan Sempio” in PSF 3)
  96. Osias, Kate Aton – Editor (PSF 6 and PSF 7), Palanca award-winning Poet,  Short story writer (“The Maiden’s Song” in PSF 3, “Departures” on Lontar Volume 1, “Makisig’s Heart“, “The Soundless Ones“, “The River Stone Heart Of Maria Dela Rosa“, ““Rescuing the Rain God” in Outpouring: Typhoon Yolanda Relief Anthology, “Departures” in Lontar V1) and Children’s book author (“The Triangle Man and the Flightless Diwata” winner of the 2013 Romeo Forbes Award)  Blog
  97. Paterno, Maria Elena – Short story writer
  98. Pizarro, Don – Short story writer
  99. Priel, Emmanuel M. – Science Fiction Novelist writing in Filipino (Philippines Year 2300)
  100. Punsalan, Elyss G. – Short story author (“Carmen and Josephine in PSF 3, “Ashland” in PSF6)
  101. Ramirez, David B. – Novelist (The Forever Watch) Review
  102. Rivera, Raissa Claire U. – Children’s Story author (“Treasures I have Known“) and short story writer (“Virtual Center” 2002 Palanca Award for Futuristic Fiction)
  103. Roxas, Pia – Short story writer (“Last Bus Ride” in Palanca Award for Futuristic Fiction)
  104. Sales, Vincent C. – (“The Forgotten City” in PSF Sampler)
  105. Salud, Joel Pablo – Short story writer
  106. Samar, Edgar Calabia – YA Novelist in Filipino (Si Janus Silang at ang Tiyanak ng Tabon)
  107. Santos, Rodello – Short story writer (“In Earthen Vessels” in PSF 3)
  108. Santos, Rommel A. – Short story writer (“Best Served Cold” in Demons of the New Year)
  109. Sarabia, Kim – Short story writer (“Jeepney Blues” in Science Fiction: Filipino Fiction for Young Adults)
  110. Sarmiento, Irene Carolina A. – Children’s Story author and short story writer (“They Don’t Bite” which won the Palanca Award for Futuristic Fiction in 2004)
  111. Sereno, Mia – Poet and Short story writer (“Only Revolutions” in An Alphabet of Embers”)
  112. Simbulan, Vincent Michael – Editor (A Time for Dragons: An Anthology of Philippine Draconic Fiction), Short story author (“In the Arms of Beishu” in PSF1, “Mang Marcing and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” in PSF 3, “The Clockwork Dragon’s Heart” in A Time for Dragons”)
  113. Sitoy, Lakambini A.- Award winning novelist and Short story writer (“Jungle Planet” excerpt, “Secret Notes on the Dead Star”  which won the Palanca Award for Futuristic Fiction in 2000)
  114. Tan, Budjette – Comic Book publisher/writer (Trese), Flash Fiction, Interview
  115. Tan, Cedric – Short story writer (PSF 9)
  116. Tan, Charles – Editor (Best of Philippine Speculative Fiction 2009, World SF BlogLauriat: A Filipino-Chinese Speculative Fiction Anthology, PSF 9)   Short story writer (“Urban Legends” in PSF  3, “A Retrospective on Diseases for Sale” in PSF 4 and Anna Tambour Presents, “The Jar Collector” on Philippine Genre Stories: Special Horror Issue, “A Yellow Brick Road Valentine” in PSF 5) , Blogger (World Fantasy Award-nominated Speculative Fiction blog Bibliophile Stalker)
  117. Tan, Fidelis – Short story writer (“The Stranger at my Grandmother’s Wake” in Lauriat)
  118. Tan, Yvette Natalie U. – Short story writer specializing in Horror (“Sidhi” in PSF 3, “Fold up Boy” in Lauriat, “Stars” in PGS)
  119. Tijam, Mia – Short story writer (“The Ascension of Our Lady Boy” in PSF 3 and Expanded Horizons, “Talking to Juanito” in Bewildering Stories, Short story collection Flowers For Thursday)
  120. Tio, Noel – Short story writer (“Revenge of the Tiktaks” in PSF 3)
  121. Torres, Catherine Rose Galang – Short story writer (“Niche” 2004 Palanca Award for Futuristic Fiction, Second Prize)
  122. Torres, Christian Renz – Short story writer, mostly Fantasy (“Blood of Iron”) PSF 9
  123. Trinidad, Celestine – Short story writer (“Sky Blue” in PSF 3)
  124. Tupaz, Andrei – Short story writer
  125. Uy, Sean – – Short story writer (“Regiment” in PSF 1)
  126. Victoria, Elizabeth – Award winning Novelist (Project 17, Dwellers) , Poet and short story writer (“Parallel in PSF 3, “I Am the City” and “Night Out” in Expanded Horizons, “Fairy Tales” in Daily Science Fiction, Carpe Noctem in Lontar Volume 10), short story collections A Bottle of Storm Clouds, Lower Myths) Blog
  127. Villamor, Fiona Mae – Short story writer
  128. Villanueva, Marianne – Short story writer (“The Hand” in PSF 3)
  129. Walder, Catherine Batac (Based in the UK) – Short story writer (“Twin Cities” from Expanded Horizons, “The Kambubulag” in Demons of the New Year)
  130. Wong, Alyssa (based in the US) –  Nebula Award, World Fantasy Award, and Locus Award winning short story, comic book and game writer (“Santos de Sampaguitas” in Strange Horizons Part 1 and Part 2, The Legend Of Shang-Chi #1 comic book, chapbook A Fist of Permutations in Lightning and Wildflowers)
  131. Yap, Isabel (based in the US) – Short story writer (“The Dance of the Storm” in PSF 3, “Pure” in Lauriat, “A Cup of Salt Tears” in, Short story collection Never Have I Ever)
  132. Yasi, William Robert – Short story writer (PSF 9)
  133. Yu, Kenneth – Award-winning short story writer (Collection: Mouths to Speak, Voices to Sing – the titular story is available from Usok V1, “Beats” in PSF 3,  “The Concierto Of Señor Lorenzo” in Innsmouth Free Press Volume 5, “The Sparrows of Climaco Avenue” Podcast) and Founder/Editor of the venerable Philippine Genre Stories, as well as Horror: Filipino Fiction For Young Adults and Science Fiction: Filipino Fiction For Young Adults – Blog, Interview
  134. Yu, Marc Gregory – Short Story writer (“Chopsticks” in Lauriat, Mater Dolorosa” in PSF 9)
  135. Yuson, Alfred A. – Award-winning Novelist, Poet and Short Story writer (“The Music Child” in PSF 3)

Banner artwork above by Jon Jaylo from the book “Here be Dragons“”

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