“They Called me the Hyacinth Girl” as a QR Code

I thought about doing something different for my writing today. A Quick Response (QR) Code is a type of matrix barcode designed as a machine-readable optical label. If you have a smartphone, download a barcode scanner and read my flash fiction piece “They Called me the Hyacinth Girl”. This was originally published in book The Ayam Curtain.

“Panopticon” on Philippine Speculative Fiction Volume 9

I’m happy to announce that my Filipino Cyberpunk short story “Panopticon” will be in the latest volume of Philippine Speculative Fiction. This ninth edition of PSF is edited by Andrew Drillon and Charles Tan. Here’s the announcement for the Table of Contents which is listed below:

Blood of Iron by Christian Renz Torres
Panopticon by Victor Ocampo
A Cha-cha with Insanity by Vida Cruz
Only Dogs Piss Here by Michael Aaron Gomez
Last Race by Jenny Ortuoste
Oscar’s Marvelous Transformation by Kat Del Rosario
Stations of the Apostate by Alexander M. Osias
Sikat by William Robert Yasi
Deliver Us by Eliza Victoria
Miracles under a Concrete Sky by Franz Johann Dela Merced
The Unmaking of the Cuadro Amoroso by Kate Osias
The Woodsman by Cedric Tan
And These were the Names of the Vanished by Rochita Loenen-Ruiz
Anthropomorpha by Crystal Koo
Sofia by Marianne Villanueva
Transcripts from the Investigation on the Life and Death of Alastor de Roja by Vincent Michael Simbulan
TG2416 from Mars by Nikki Alfar
Mater Dolorosa by Marc Gregory Yu
Scissor Tongue by Elyss Punsalan
Cogito by AJ Elicaño

Congratulations to the editors and all the authors listed!

PSF 9 Image




Fish Eats Lion Now Available As Ebook

Yay! Fish Eats Lion has a brand new cover and is now available in E-book form.

Jason Erik Lundberg

Fish Eats LionIt only took a year and a half, but the ebook edition of Fish Eats Lion is now available!

Just published by Infinity Plus Books with a brand new cover, the anthology is now available at Smashwords, Amazon US, Amazon UK and Amazon CA, and will soon be up at the Nook, Kobo and iTunes ebook stores.

“Lundberg combines accessibility with a uniquely Singaporean flavor in his selections. SF readers looking to expand their horizons will enjoy visiting new worlds from an unaccustomed point of view.” —Publishers Weekly

“I doubt I’ll read a more engaging collection this year. […] There’s a rich optimism to be found here that speaks of lesser-known spec-fic writers rising to a challenge, and that challenge being more than adequately met.” —Pete Young, Big Sky

“Entertaining in this post-colonial era, it hints at how storytellers can become mythmakers, with the power to…

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