“To See Infinity In The Pages Of A Book” Translated into Tamil for Aroo

அண்டத்தில் யாரும் பார்த்திராத ஒன்று விண்வெளிவீரருக்கும், வான்கணிப்பாளருக்கும் தென்பட்டது – முடிவிலியின் இழையை பற்றியபடி காலவெளியின் பக்கங்களுக்குள் விழுந்துக்கொண்டேயிருத்தல்.”

Those who fall endlessly into books never die. They are forever reading.

My flash fiction piece “To See Infinity In The Pages Of A Book” (முடிவிலியின் இழை) was recently translated into Tamil and appeared in the online Speculative Fiction magazine Aroo, along with the accompanying artwork by Sonny Liew. This far-future philosophical tale originally came out in LONTAR: The Journal of Southeast Asian Fiction Volume 10 whie Sonny’s piece was first used for the cover of my short story collection The Infinite Library And Other Stories.

Aroo (அரூ) is a short form of the Tamil word “Aroobam” (அரூபம்), meaning formlessness.

Thank you to the editor Ram for including our work. Congratulations on the launch of Aroo!


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