Ambassador of Science Fiction


With his Excellency, Jaroslav Olsa Jr. Ambassador of the Czech Republic to the Philippines and Micronesia

It was a great pleasure to finally meet Ambassador Olsa who is not only a fine diplomat but a keen exponent of Science Fiction was well. He is an acclaimed translator (the Polish classic Limes Interiér), SF editor  (Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, with ), and founding father of the literary SF journal Ikarie. Over the course of our all-too-short dinner he shared with me some of his many, many interesting stories and anecdotes about the genre scene in Europe and his life-long obsession with unearthing world Science Fiction.  In fact I had the privilege of  seeing first hand many obscure Filipino, Singaporean and Malaysian Speculative titles from his collection. I will be adding these authors and titles to my SEA list very soon.



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